Pups in 2020 and health tests done

Current litter

as is know the U-litter pups are now 4 weeks old and all sold.

CUO pups 24days

Health testing

Over the last couple of weeks we tested Like A Hurricane Quirina Qoncordia, Like A Hurricane Raine Rikki en Like A Hurricane Señorita Salomé.

All 3 were already tested by Embark but are now also PennHIPped, OFA is done from hips, elbows and shoulders and the lower spine is evaluated by the vet. 

PennHIP results are in and are really good, spines are evaluated by the vet at vetclinic Den Heuvel in Best and are all good.


All results you can find on their pages.


Last Wednesday I took Like A Hurricane Raine Rikki for the official eye test and also that was good. 


Litter plans for the rest of 2020

Like A Hurricane Raine Rikki is in heat and will be bred by Like A Hurricane Lord Lambert NASH (MR2)



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