Like A Hurricane Aiolos Adonis (Jeanot) †

Malinois - Male

Like A Hurricane Aiolos Adonis (Jeanot) †
Date of birth: October 28, 2005
Date of death: May 23, 2016
Height / Weight: 65 cm / 35 kg
Registration number: NHSB 2581756
Chip number: 528140000204219
DNA Profile:
Sire: Aha van Joefarm (Ace) †
Dam: Umi du Bois des Trembles †
Pedigree: Open Pedigree
External link to pedigree: Pedigree


HD A, NWB 30, BA 0, onv aansluiting
ED & spondylose free

30-09-2006 1ZG te Maastricht

KNPV Nomination PH1 July 28, 2013 436
KNPV Nomination Object June 2, 2013 400
KNPV Object 400CL - May 14, 2013
KNPV PH1 436CL - October 2, 2012
26-08-2012 winner Ladies competition Oisterwijk 2012 (416 no swimming exercise)
01-09-2012 4de Goodbye competition of national decoy Alex Pijpers in Best (434)


July 28, 2013 Jeanot & Carmen won the nomination contest in Welschap with 436 point, unfortunately not enough to enter the nationals for the PH1 program, but we will be there for Object as it is looking.

We were really lucky to be able to buy Jeanot back from his first owner.

Jeanot is now titled in KNPV PH1 and Object and entered succesfully some competitions. After trial Jeanot and Carmen competed in 2 nomination contest and got placed 8th for the program Object and have entered the Nationals for that program and ended 13th on the list for PH1.

During his retirement Jeanot entered one more competition at the age of over 9,5 years old, July 2015, and ended with a nice set of points of 411.

On May 23, 2016 we had to let him go due to cancer in his lungs.

Farewell boy you gave me so much for the last 5 years we spend together


jeanot230516 70


jeanot230516 18


jeanot230516 94




Information about the owner

Owned by: C.M.M. van de Kamp
Trains: KNPV
Lives in: Culemborg
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