Lagmar van de Baelkenshoek (Lolly)

Malinois - Female

Lagmar van de Baelkenshoek (Lolly)
Date of birth: March 6, 2012
Height / Weight: 58 cm / 22 kg
Registration number: LOSH 1111932
DNA Profile:
Sire: Blade from Mike's Place
Dam: Hagmar van de Baelkenshoek (Zoé) †
Pedigree: Open Pedigree


HD A, NBW 35, BA 0, onv aansluiting

ED free (screening own vet)

Spondylose free and fully ok in the back (screening by own vet)


Lagmar van de Baelkenshoek (Lolly) had a small accident at 8 weeks and because of that she was placed as a guard dog in a pack.

With time passing Lolly proved to be the promise she was as a puppy and why she was Dagmar her litter choice in the beginning. A well build female with good nerves and good character.

Together with Dagmar I decided to import Lolly and by that being able to get her all the official testings needed. If all comes back excellent Lolly will be used in future breeding plans.

Lolly was fully x-rayed (hips, elbows and back) at the begining of June 2014 and all looked good, we will have to wait on the official results of her hips.

Lolly her litter with Inno (Like A Hurricane Innokas Isoveli) was born Januari 28, 2015, the O-litter. 14 pups, 6 males and 8 females. From this combination I kept Like A Hurricane Olinda Oliveria so hopefully I can continue these good, healthy working lines as after such a hughe litter I retire Lolly from breeding and she will be neutered this summer.

Lolly is rehomed as an active pet.

Information about the owner

Lives in: USA
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