Umi du Bois des Trembles †

Malinois - Female

Umi du Bois des Trembles †
Date of birth: September 30, 2003
Date of death: November 23, 2018
Height / Weight: 59 cm / 21 kg
Registration number: NHSB 2498255 (French Import LOF 1 B.B.M. 057411)
DNA Profile:
Sire: G'Rico des Loups Mutins
Dam: Lio du Bois des Trembles
Pedigree: Open Pedigree


HD-A, NBW 40, botafwijking 0, onvoldoende aansluiting
ED vrij
Left DI 0.39
Right DI 0.30

SDCA1 N/N (free)
SDCA2 N/N (free)


At the start of our kennel we went looking for lines we liked, that is how we came up to Umi her breeder and got the chance to buy Umi as a pup. Over the last years Umi gave us several great litters.

Umi retired last year from breeding and is enjoying her pension at our place.


on November 23, 2018 we had to give Umi her final rest, not because she was sick or because of an incident, she was just fully finished with life, her body was done 


Umi has given us all she had and more and will always be rememberd by us and a lot of others as she will continue to live in her offspring.


UMI 09 30 03 11 23 18

Information about the owner

Owned by: C.M.M. van de Kamp
Trains: KNPV
Lives in: Zegveld
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